Boutique Consulting Services

Our clients come to us in need of growth culture, revenue momentum and a repeatable model for success.

Delivering on these foundations has helped us scale companies to $151MM exits, and secure $15MM venture raises. 

If you have a product your customers love and have proven you can actually sell it, then these foundations may be within your reach.

Select, mission-driven organizations committed to scale the sales organization, go-to-market with enterprise offerings and/or expand customer up-sell opportunities.

My first startup, Audigy Group, LLC, was a privately-held, services-based company in Vancouver, WA; the company was acquired in 2016 for $151MM. Ten days post graduating from University of Portland in 2005, I was brought on as the first sales hire, pre-revenue. Over seven years I held leadership roles ranging from operations, sales, marketing, finance, and management consulting. I was responsible for expansion into Canada, securing our largest customers, and managing our most productive territories. From 2009 - 2012, Audigy Group ranked as one of the INC 500/5000 fastest growing privately-held companies. Before my departure, I built the North America Sales Business Unit that's still in operation today. I left the company in 2012 with $26 Million in annual revenues and over 200 employees.  

The second startup is a venture-backed, Software-as-a-Service company called Elation Health in San Francisco. I joined Elation in 2013 as the first sales hire and head of sales. There I proved the sales model to build out the sales and sales operations teams. Through my tenure as head of sales, I led 4x YoY growth metrics to raise our Series-B venture round of $15MM led by DFJ. I then handed off sales team to an operations leader to focus on our enterprise go-to-market efforts securing several of the companies largest customers. After a 4-year run growing the company from 8 employees to over 75, I left Elation Health in 2017 and am fortunate to continue working with them through my work at Christian Piuma, LLC. 

My entire start-up career I wore the revenue target on my back, responsible to CEOs, shareholders and hundreds of employees counting on our growth. It was perhaps my optimism and hunger for our mission that allowed me to wear it proudly; actually achieving the result and looking back on what we grew made it all worth it. In 2017 it became clear that my purpose was not scaling teams in individual companies as a manager-leader, but rather as a growth-artist leveraging my experience helping many install the foundation for growth. Christian Piuma, LLC is the platform to share this experience with qualified companies in support of their growth goals; together we can breakthrough to deliver revenue growth, your employees' dreams, and delighted customers.